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You may watch the campaign intro here:

1) We will be following the rules as outlined here. Start with average gold for your class instead of maximum.

2)You will also need to answer your background questions. You may do this before or after you make your character. The results of your test will have some minor impacts on your character and the game in general, so the choice is yours how you do it.

As the game takes place in Hammerfell and High Rock, a majority of the NPC’s that you have dealings with will be either Breton’s or Redguards. Orsinium, home of the Orcs, is also located in this area, so expect plenty of Orcs as well.

Faction There are various factions you can join, learn more by using the link.

Gameplay The game is mostly open in how your party approaches it, though there is a main plot, and parts of it may need to be done in order to progress. You do not have unlimited time though. To stop abuse of an open system on things such as crafting, daedra summoning and guild affiliations I will instill the time frame given by the actual events. The Game will begin on the 1st of Morningstar, 3E 405. The game will end sometime during the year 3E 417 if you all have not completed the quests by then, effectively loosing. This gives you more than enough time to carry on and join factions and do side quests without abusing the system too much. 13 years may seem like a long time, but when you see a single trip from Daggerfall to Wayrest takes nearly 30 days you’ll realize its not as much as it may appear at first, so your time should be spent wisely.

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