Overland Travel

Travel Type Speed Cost Encounters Special
Ship 2 Hexes per day 90/Day Yes-Very Rarely
Overland – Safe 2 days/hex 5/Day No
Overland – Reckless 1 days/hex Yes – Standard See Below

Traveling recklessly causes you to always arrive fatigued. You may arrive exhausted as well, if you fail a survival check at the DC outlined below. The DC is once per week of travel. Unlike most skill checks, a 1 is an automatic failure and a 20 is an automatic success. It takes one full day or rest to remove fatigue and two full days of rest to remove the exhaustion.

Additionally twice per week there is a chance of a random encounter as outlined below. Random wilderness encounters are NOT scaled, so its extremely dangerous to travel recklessly at lower levels.

Additionally, while traveling recklessly you do not accomplish any crafting.

Terrain Type Survival check DC per week Random encounter chance per week Special
Forest 20 15%
Hills 20 20%
Mountains 30 30%
Plains 15 15%
Jungle 25 25%
Desert 35 25%
Wasteland 40 35%
Winter +5 -5% effects regions in the Northen Iliac Bay regions only
Summer +5 +5% effects regions in the Southern Iliac Bay regions only

Overland Travel

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