Post Level 1 Character Questions

For the most part your background can be up to you, except for a few key points.

1) At some point during the rule of Jagar Tharn (which ended in 3E 399, 6 years ago), you helped someone close to the emperor. Whether a son, an important noble or whoever is up to you. How you helped them was up to you. You could have helped them escape from bounty hunters and said your goodbyes, or you could have sheltered them for several months or even years. Its up to you.

2) Sometime after Jagar Tharn was over thrown, the emperor and his important person seek you out. They reward you for your service to the emperor, and you become a close friend. Under cover of darkness you are secretly initiated into a mostly secret society known as the “Blades”, which are there to serve the emperor. Whether you really provided any services or not during the last few years is up to you, though they would have been in secret, you are an unknown member. Many agents live normal lives and just do light reconnaissance.

3) And obviously you were picked for this mission.

Additionally, you are to answer the 12 questions outlined below. They will make some minor adjustments to your characters and the factions of the world. Once you fill this out I will send you back a list of adjustments to make to your final character.

A. What motivates you into a life of adventure?

  1. Fame
  2. Fun
  3. Knowledge
  4. Riches
  5. Helping Others

B. As a child your nick name was

  1. Rabbit
  2. Quick Silver
  3. Guppy
  4. Monkey
  5. Scrapper

C. You are friendlier than most with

  1. the savage Harpies
  2. the simple Giants
  3. the glorious Dragons
  4. the immodest Nymphs
  5. the infernal Daedra
  6. the bucolic Spriggans
  7. the primitive Centaurs
  8. the mischievous Imps

D. One of the most important survival skills you’ve picked up has been

  1. Mend simple wounds
  2. boss people around
  3. ingratiate yourself
  4. Pass the blame onto others
  5. Haggle with merchants
  6. Make your own gear
  7. Create a a cozy camp

E. You have the most trouble with

  1. resisting poison
  2. avoiding diseases
  3. getting along with others
  4. Staying awake and alert
  5. Resisting magic
  6. Dodging

F. Whenever you have a chance you like to

  1. Socialize with aristocrats
  2. Learn Street Smarts
  3. Practice Acrobatics
  4. Learn Economics
  5. Practice Athletics
  6. Spar
  7. Trespass
  8. Mend Simple Wounds

G. You are not comfortable

  1. On stable ground
  2. performing athletics
  3. Anywhere dark
  4. With Other people
  5. On a ledge or tree

H. In gratitude for services rendered the emperor gave you

  1. 250 GP’s
  2. A fine steel dagger
  3. A Steel breastplate
  4. A spell book
  5. Magical Bracers
  6. A Partially Charged Wand

Post Level 1 Character Questions

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