Journal Logs

I like to keep journals of my games, but I’m a little burnt out on it at the moment, so I will leave it up to you’ll to do. Each week I will roll randomly to determine who gets a journal write up. If you don’t wish to do it you can pass it on to another player and I will mark your name off the list. If you get picked I will also mark your name off the list. After you do the journal write up you will get to choose one of the following:

1) +1 HP
2) +1 SP
3) One free reroll AFTER the results are revealed.
4) 2 Retraining Credit. This knocks off one day from retraining (and the corresponding gold amount). IE. Retraining a feat takes 5 days. If you are level 5 it normally costs 100 gold/day (remember I raised retraining costs by 2x’s) for a total of 500 gold. If you used a retraining credit you’d knock it down to 4 days and only have to spend 400 gold. You can use multiple retaining credits on the same retraining.

If you fail to write up your journal log by the following game session your chance will be lost and it will be given to someone else. If you fail to perform a second time you will no longer be eligible for write up bonuses.

These bonuses will carry over in the case you need to bring in a new character.

Journal Logs

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