There are numerous factions in Daggerfall, though only a handful that you can join. Here we will be covering join-able factions.

Factions and their corresponding reputation will be done as a group, as there is way to much going on already for me to track individuals (You should see this spreadsheet!) You should probably plan as a party which factions you will join and raise through the ranks with. Realistically you may be able to raise to Max rank in 2 or 3 guilds, though you could raise a little in several guilds if you wished.

Fighters Guild
Thieves Guild!
Dark Brotherhood!

Wizardly Factions – You may only join one of the following
Mages Guild
Witches Coven!

Temples – You may only join a single Temple

Knightly Order – You may only join one knightly order.

! – These factions are not advertised publicly and can be hard to even find to join. Unsurprisingly, they are also the shadier organizations, and may be illegal and frowned upon.


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