Session 7: Loredas The 27th of First Seed , 3E, 405th Year - Middas The 11th of Rain's Hand

By Azagoth Valen

The first half of this tower was a blur to me. After the shock of battle had faded we realized the true danger lie beyond; this white dragon that we were sent here to slay. We could sense it’s chilling presence, waiting to taste our warm blood.

We did not expect it to have company. We battled against some foul woman and the scaled beast. The dragon blasted us with its frost breath but our preparations paid off and we were unscathed. Seeing it’s cowardly tactics ineffective, it began circling around using its reach advantage, while the wench was distracting half of the group with a wicked axe.

Seeing this beast in action I realized the folly of engaging it alone from close range and began to poke at it with a pole-arm as it evaded Broan and his fervent screams to Talos. The dragon instead settled on Khyu-Grym, lashing out with all of it’s attacks.

However; the beast was still a beast and all beasts bleed. Broan pierced its scaly hide and began to pull it towards the ground. I dropped my pole-arm and drew my trusted blade. I was not quick enough though and the beast delivered a mighty blow to Khyu-Grym; a blow that would have dropped most warriors, yet Khyu-Grym held fast (I still do not know if it was bravery or foolishness, or perhaps he was too stubborn to fall) but he did not survive the rest of the onslaught and was rent before our very eyes. Then my blade struck home and the creature fell.


We held a proper farewell for Kyhu-Grym. We also went back to the mages guild, hopefully we do not get shown out right away this time. There is much the mages guild can offer if only the group would realize this. Perhaps in time they will see that swords are not always the best answer.

As promised we returned to the Order of the Raven. They seemed pleased and somewhat surprised that we made it back (for the most part). The Baron and Baroness were also pleased but I did notice the Baroness’ body language was slightly less composed. Turns out she knew Khyu-Grym and was saddened to hear about his untimely end. I assured her that he died valiantly.

The Ravens mentioned something about a Butcher Bird Camp setting Broan into a frenzy, so much so he was smashing the wall with his head. So after rallying up some supplies we are ready to head out.

We have already lost so many allies in the short time that we have been on this quest. Serasate fell in the dungeon when we crashed, Khyu-Grym in battle with the beast, and now the cowardice of Marella as she stole away in the night. It matters not if all my allies fall. Azagoth Valen will remain vigilant in this task for his Emperor!



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