Session 6: Middas The 24th of First Seed , 3E, 405th Year - Loredas The 27th of First Seed , 3E, 405th Year

By Broan Gro Atumhash

[A pristine book of bleached leather is filled with elegant parchment, fit for a proper regaling of the glories of Talos and the battles there in.]

[Entry 2]

5th -6th of First Seed, 3E, 405th Year.

Oh mighty Talos, long have my dreams been spent fighting along your holy battlefields, glory intertwined and life well spent.
This servant fears his life will be spent fighting boring and quite frankly insultingly easy battles, til I may die in bed, old of age and heavy of heart.

Please my Hero-King, I beg of you to send a worthy battle, one whose record will be worthy of these pages, one whom shall not fail to please.

24th of First Seed, 3E, 405th Year.

By Talos’ finely polished greatsword!

I have been given instruction by the Order of the Ravens, as a requirement to join thier order, to slay a dragon!
My heart it sings Talos! My blood thunders with a chance to truly prove myself.

Please dearest Talos, I beg of you, let diplomacy fail, let the beast be prepared, let the battle chatter be saucy and as always, its end bring you great pleasure.

I, Broan gro-Atumhash, do hereby solemnly swear that tomorrow my story might just truly begin!



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