Session 4: Loredas the 14th Day of Morning Star through Tirdas the 10th of Sun's Dawn, 3E, 405th Year.

By Azagoth Valen

[A simple journal bound in black leather and tied with cord. The book is filled with various illustrations, words wrapping around the pictures, detailing locations, creatures, and allies. The writing seems to be rather succinct, more like research notes with occasional personal entries than an actual journal. On the inside cover is written “The Record of Azagoth Valen, Dunmer of Morrowind, Blade of the Emperor”]

5th of Morningstar, 3E, 405

I have not had much time to fill these pages; however I will do so when the situation permits. This entire quest has been a disaster. Only a handful of us seemed to survive the shipwreck, only to be thrown into the horrors of some sort of dungeon. Only by the grace of the gods and each other were we able to make it out alive.


We arrived in a village called Gothway Garden. We restocked some supplies and made contact with the fighter’s guild. The first job seems like a blur but we did succeed, although we returned in terrible shape and close to dying from disease and poison (I am still feeling the effects). We spent most of our septims on healing from the local temple. This was not a profitable venture. We accepted another “job”, I use the term lightly considering the paltry stipend we are receiving, for which I was chastened for vocalizing to the fool quest giver. I did turn my frustrations to my work and made a few new toys for myself.

We have been traveling about a week now heading to the Crypt of Garomaus to clear it of some alleged goblin menace for the Lady of the house. My guess it’s probably some skeevers. The days have been uneventful and the nights have been quiet.

15th of Morningstar, 3E, 405

Oh gods the horrors of that wretched crypt! They were indeed goblins infesting the place. We made short work of those cretins. Avery charged boldly into the fray. Marella was providing cover fire from her bow while Broan and I went ahead to take on some multi-armed monstrosity (the shout of Talos leading the way) and after dealing a few blows the beast got a hit in and I went down. I awoke to the ever beautiful face of Avery (I am not convinced she is not an angel) who has used her healing magics multiple times to keep me out of oblivion. This peace was short lived as there was some hideous undead creature who had already dropped Marella and was attacking Broan. I could not let him have all the glory so together we rushed in pale orc and dark mer putting the thing down once and for all.


When we returned we received a strange letter…..

[Towards the back of the journal are illustrations and entries for each of the remaining blades. ((I will do one per entry.))]

The beautiful young lady known as Avery Atyalah is a bold and courageous woman. Enduring the terrors we have faced and using her divine given powers to save the party members including myself multiple times. For this I am grateful and will return the favor when needed. She is also very adept at procuring our supplies and dealing with people to further our objective.




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