Session 3: Sundas the 8th through Loredas the 14th of Morningstar, 3E, 405th Year.

By Avery Atyalah

1st Letter: 5 Morningstar, third Era, 405th Year.

Dear Farwil,
It’s almost dawn.
Broan’s been shouting
All night long
Talos for hours
Freak storm caught us
Out of the blue
Doing our best
Just make it through
Even with our powers
Ol’ Avery isn’t
Scared too much.
Even though things
Are getting rough.
I march on.
With thoughts of home.

I grab my shield
And guard my buddies
So it’s our foes,
and our blades that’re bloody
And we all laugh
Cause there’s something funny
About last second saves
That fight off the grave.

2nd Letter: 7 Morningstar, third Era, 405th Year.

Dear Farwil

No poem today. We visited the Fighter’s Guild first thing in the morning today. They figured it would be a great way to get some easy coin. Our little adventure would have been a great lesson for you. We found two boars that had broken into someone’s house, and were wrecking the place. Instead of killing the boars in cold blood, we tamed them, leading them out of the town. You will be a ruler one day Farwil. As glorious as the battle to the death can be, the merciful are well remembered by history.

The steel should not be forgotten, but many warriors do not go to battle dreaming of their next; they dream of peace, and the day they can set their blades down. I was worried at first, but it seems even Broan understands where true glory lies. We are headed to a manor to clear out some infestations. Should be more easy work. I will send you another letter upon my return. Don’t worry. I will be back in Cheydinhal soon enough.




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