Meeting With Lady Brisiena

Tirdas the 22nd of Sun's Dawn

Avery met with Lady Magnessen alone in a back room of the Prancing Pig:

“Ah, thank you for responding to my letter. I am Lady Brisienna, sorry for the deception in my name but it was important my identity not get around. Let me bring you to date on affairs. The spectre of King Lysandus haunts the streets of Daggerfall at night. Trying to communicate with him is futile. He will occasionally moan the word “Vengeance,” but that is the only coherent word I have ever heard him utter. If you are ever in Daggerfall, do not wander the city at night. You are certain to be attacked by his legion of ghosts and they will overwhelm ones even as powerful as you. It is futile anyway, no matter how many are killed there seems to be an endless number.

It would probably be more gainful to investigate those who might have wronged Lysandus to find the cause behind his torment. I do not know if the royal family of Daggerfall or another person or persons merit more suspicion. The major powers of the Bay are Sentinel, Wayrest, and Daggerfall, they may be good places to start.

If you are having trouble getting anything from the royal families, you may need to increase your power or your reputation with their court before they will have any dealings with you. If the royalty of the court won’t have anything to do with you try working for one of the lesser nobles in their court. Doing a job or two for one of them should elevate you enough that the crown may then speak with you. Or come back later when you’ve gained some more power, they may just consider you too weak to take on whatever they may need done."

“In the matter of the letter, the Emperor’s agent says that he was unable to hand-deliver it to the Queen because of the war. He hired a courier who supposedly delivered the letter in his stead. We do not even know the name of this courier. Obviously, there is little information of use, but it would be worthwhile to see whether the letter arrived at Castle Daggerfall at all. How you decide to do this is entirely your decision. I will contact you if any new information should surface.

I am leaving Daggerfall soon. My position here has been compromised and my life is in danger. Do not mention my name in court. It is more likely to hurt than help. Good luck, and watch your back."



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